Celebrate your special event in style with Hot and Spicy Disco! Tom Kelly is an experienced radio DJ, Tom is taking is turntables on the road to provide you with the best live music and entertainment for your next big event.

We offer live music and entertainment for all major occasions!

Disco Events Yorkshire

Nothing quite sets the party mood than some good music. Our discos are perfect for any special occasion with live music, getting people of their feet and dancing to all their favourite tunes.

We’ll create a custom playlist fitting with any party theme for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or corporate events. If you have some music in mind, we’re happy to take requests to create custom playlist or you can let Tom work his magic with his live music sets.

With music available spanning all generations and genres, we’ll make sure your guests are up and dancing having the time of their lives. From classic singalongs to the latest chart hits, we’ve got all major types of music covered, so can play a disco set that meets your unique tastes.

Our live disco is available for all major occasions including

Quiz Nights Leeds

Our quiz night events are perfect for local businesses looking for a fun live event that gets punters through the doors. With a range of quiz night themes available, we offer fun live entertainment that guarantees a night of laughs.

Suitable public houses, corporate events, and any special occasion, our quiz nights include a range of fun games that keep the party going. Whether you’re looking for the classic pub quiz or a special theme like music night, we’ve got all types of quizzes that guarantee an entertaining night.

We offer a range of live quiz events for your next big event including:

  • Trivia Music Rounds
  • General Knowledge
  • Three in a Row Connection Rounds
  • Mystery Voice
  • Link the Missing Word
  • And much more!